First Kinglet of the Season

The first kinglet of spring 2023 appeared today, in the river birch as usual. Among the branches, movements, so quick they’re easily mistaken for a trick of the wind or illusion of the eye. But look more carefully, and there it is, wings flicking as it hops from branch to branch on a relentless hunt for insects.

My guess, based on the bird’s coloring and local habitat, is that it’s a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. And if it follows the playbook from previous years, it, or others, will visit the birch again over the next few weeks.

How a three and a half-inch, two-tenths of an ounce package of feather and bone can find this tree in this yard year after year is a mystery. I’m sure there are explanations for its ability to navigate to such food sources, but knowing the process can be described only increases the magic.

The garden is beginning to move and be filled with movement. The next weeks should bring more welcome sights.

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