• Why Plant Native? (5/31/2019) - Native plants have virtue. They’re good for the environment. Planting them is the right thing to do. Planting them may even save the planet. How could any gardener or landscape designer not choose native plants? I confess to reacting with a bit of resistance when I first heard statements such as these.
  • Edges, Spaces, Garden Design (12/17/2018) - Edges define and create spaces, and these spaces can become important design elements, in a landscape, along a roadway, or in the home garden.
  • Plants First, Plants Last: The Role of Plants in Garden Design (7/21/2018) - At a lecture earlier this year hosted by Montgomery County’s Brookside Gardens, David Culp, author of The Layered Garden, explained the garden design process at Brandywine Cottage, his home in southeastern Pennsylvania. Plants spoke first, Culp listened and responded, and a garden evolved, built on plants selected for sustainability and designed (or layered, as Culp describes it) for visual appeal in every season.